Youth and families:

At MLC, we believe that every child has the fundamental right to an education and the ability to maximize their full potential. Unfortunately in the current status quo, the right to an education oftentimes falls on the economic backbone of the child. Too often children are forced to leave their studies early in order to help their family survive. In order to create a system where every child can learn, we must first grant them a platform where they can feel safe to grow. We need to ensure all children have the right to  basic resources so they can sleep, eat, and live a healthy life. Children flourish in education when their basic needs are met. 

According to recent dropout statistics, ( children from impoverished families are twice as likely to drop out over middle class students and over 10x more likely than those with a strong economic backbone. MLC has made it our mission to help break this curse and highlight that with the proper resources anyone can excel in school, no matter the upbringing.

Speaking of upbringing, did you know that 1 in 5 children in Seattle are raised by a single parent. This number is really significant because a third of those single mother households were below the poverty line. Being a mother while rewarding can be challenging at times, it becomes increasingly difficult when you’re forced to do it alone. You have to find time to balance a job, transportation, expenses, and making time to spend quality time with your children.  There are so many single families in the world and we want to do whatever we can to ensure that their basic needs are well met. As discussed above, there are direct correlations to a child’s success with income levels. At MLC we are dedicated to lowering this gap to the best of our abilities to make sure basic needs of all families are met.

Simultaneously, we recognize the significance of education and the positive impact it has on shaping young minds. Our dedication to children in need of tutoring stems from our belief that every child deserves an equal opportunity to succeed academically. By providing personalized tutoring services, we aim to empower children facing educational challenges, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for a bright future. 


We are committed to improving the lives of the elderly residing in care facilities. These individuals have often spent a significant portion of their lives contributing to society, and we believe it is our responsibility to ensure they receive the care, attention, and love they deserve. Our programs aim to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation by offering companionship, social activities, and meaningful interactions. While we already provide them their nursing needs through our sister company, (LINK) we  also wanna ensure their needs are best met and that they can still feel enriched by the community that surrounds them. Through our dedicated volunteers, we provide a listening ear, engage in conversations, and organize recreational events that foster a sense of community and belonging. By catering to their emotional, social, and physical well-being, we strive to enhance their overall quality of life and bring comfort to their everyday experiences.

According to recent statistics found by the NCOA (, over 5 million elderly patients were abused in 2020 and 1-in-10 elderly patients have faced abuse. These problems can oftentimes be systemic and lead to long term health problems for patients. This number is far too high,  a facility’s top goal above all else, should be their patients' health. 

In order to help combat this, our CEO Madhuri Chandra founded the Dependable Staffing Agency. Dependable Staffing Agency hires the best RNs, CNAs, HCAs, LPNs, and many more to help accommodate patients needs. Through our rigorous selection process we guarantee that we only hire the very best health professionals to help fit patients needs and personalize every patient with a professional that best fits what they are looking for. However even with our commitment to staffing the best nurses, it can only do so much to help. Elderly patients also need access to medical resources as well as basic needs, this is where our foundation starts to take shape. We can provide the greatest nurses in the world but they still need resources to best fit their patients' needs. Through our partnerships with multiple living facilities, we continue to keep and add to a list of basic resources that they are lacking. Any donation you make to the MLC goes towards making these resources easily accessible for patients to get the care they need. Together we can reshape assisted living and help combat the mistreatment of patients that has been established in the status quo. We want to make sure that every patient can be embraced by the community and ensure that patients get the help they deserve.