Give Them Education

Why Education

We believe that providing education to the unprivileged is the foundation for addressing the issues of healthcare, child rights, safe and hygienic living conditions, and poverty. Not only does education empower and accredit a child to go on and earn a living, but it is also responsible for creating a sensible and dependable citizen, on both national and global fronts.  

Despite the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), accrediting the Right to Education, Learning, and Development as fundamental child rights aged below 18 years, there still include thousands of unprivileged children who lack such rights due to a variety of factors such as natural disasters, conflicts, disability, ethnicity, and most significantly, poverty. 

This drives us towards delivering compulsory and free education to every unprivileged child and provides them with a steady learning curve, improving their socio-economic and family conditions by eliminating the hindrances preventing these children from obtaining an education.   

What We Do

We aspire to become an organization that provides innovative education, founded with the goal to raise the standard of education among unprivileged children in the US. With that aim, our programs and initiatives have expanded in terms of both size and scope, as we presently serve the most disadvantaged youth and children throughout the nation.    

Being one of the biggest and most influential organizations in the nation, we are focused on providing high-quality, affordable, and sustainable initiatives to close gaps in the educational structure. We are dedicated to working directly with these children and touching the lives of thousands of them every year through extensive collaboration with governmental bodies and relevant institutions. As our approaches have documented significant influence on the learning outcomes of children, we aim to shift our approaches from the present context and apply them to other areas.