Differently Abled Kids

What We Do

We work to support and advocate for the rights of differently abled children around the world by providing a range of services and support for them. Depending on the specific needs and challenges faced by these children as well as the resources and goals of our organization, we work to provide educational resources and support for differently abled children, such as special education programs, tutoring, and adaptive learning materials.


Providing healthcare and therapeutic activities

We provide health care services, such as medical treatment, therapy, and rehabilitation services, to these unprivileged children. We further believe that participating in social and recreational activities allows children with disabilities to interact with their peers and develop social skills, has a positive impact on mental health, provides them with a sense of purpose and accomplishment, as well as reduces stress and anxiety, and feel a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Hence, we are committed to providing a number of social and recreational activities for these children, such as sports programs, art classes, and camps, to help them develop new skills and build friendships.


Advocating for their rights and breaking down barriers for empowering inclusivity

We are also committed to advocating for the rights of differently abled children and providing legal support to help them navigate the legal system and access the resources and support they need.

We are further dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive community to raise awareness and understanding regarding child disability in order to promote greater acceptance and inclusion of differently abled children in society. Accordingly, our efforts are focused on establishing supportive communities for differently abled children through programs such as parent support groups and community education initiatives to offer these children the required resources and support, and eliminating barriers such as restricted access to healthcare and education, discrimination, and social stigma, ensuring they go on to live a successful and fulfilling life.